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What are the benefits of vacation ownership?

Do you love knowing you have a premium holiday booked in the diary year after year? Arriving somewhere you already know like the back of your hand ready for a trip of pure rest and relaxation? Experiencing the consistency and reliability of premium, first-class service? Then vacation ownership could be a superb choice for you. 


Vacation ownership involves owning your holidays through an exclusive resort membership. You secure some time every year (usually a week) for the course of your membership. Then you can sit back and relax, knowing you have the freedom to venture to an included venue of your choosing whenever you want during the year.


But how exactly does vacation ownership compare to regular holidays or owning a second holiday home? What are its top benefits? Let’s dive into the topic and figure out why it just might be the right choice for you.


Guaranteed holidays

There’s something about knowing you’ve got a trip to look forward to that works wonders for our mindset, positivity, and thinking.


But it goes one step further. Research suggests that you can feel the psychological benefits of holidays up to a month after you return. And that, to change your ways of thinking and boost creativity, travelling is perfect. So with two trips away per year – one three-night weekend and one four-night midweek trip – that’s a lot of time you can spend in the post-holiday relaxation bubble.


Through vacation ownership, you experience the psychological benefits and satisfaction of always having something to look forward to. No matter what, you have a week’s worth of deluxe stays to use each year. And there’s no need to worry about where you’re going to go or how you’ll afford it; all you have to do is decide when!


Save money in the long run

Compared to regular holiday bookings, and especially investing in a holiday home, vacation ownership is much more cost-effective. Instead of paying for a year-round property or paying a premium for flights and accommodation, you invest in relaxing holidays for years to come.


It might seem like more money up front, but over time, you end up saving yourself some money. And since you’re doing that, why not splash out on something deluxe? It’s exactly the sort of treat you deserve.


An annual home-away-from-home

Vacation ownership is the perfect way to get that ‘home-away-from-home’ feeling without having any of the hassle of maintaining it. During your trips, you can make each day count. You don’t have to spend your first day familiarising yourself with a new place as you already know your way around.


Through your membership, you know exactly what you’re getting each year. You get the comfort of a second home and benefit from the professional management and premium service associated with resort membership. 


Vacation ownerships put a large focus on hospitality and offering unparalleled experiences. You know you’ll be met with committed, friendly staff who will go above and beyond during your stay.



Vacation ownership is a convenient way to approach your annual holidays. You and your loved one benefit from the consistency of annual holidays with little to no need to plan or research each year. 


You also have fewer responsibilities. You enjoy your time away and then leave, confident you’ll come back next year to an equally wonderful holiday.


Vacation ownership is also flexible in terms of dates of travel. You’re not tied to travelling the same week each year, but can fit your trips around other plans and obligations. Travel when you want to, trying different seasons and times of year, or different venues available as part of your membership.


It’s a massively convenient, flexible, cost-effective way to approach your annual holidays. It’s all the benefits of a normal vacation or holiday home without the high price point and maintenance hassle. You experience the same premium experience year after year.


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